Nokia | Graduate Engineer | Batch 2021

By Archit

Online Test -The first round was online test conducted in AMCAT environment. It consists of the following sections:Quantitative aptitude – 16 questions (16 minutes) Logical reasoning – 14 questions (14 minutes) English comprehension – 18 questions (22 minutes) Programming question – 22 questions (25 minutes) Coding questions

Technical Interview 1 -Introduce about yourself. Explain your mini projects. Questions in mini projects like cloud, database, Block chain, class diagram of project. Explain internal architecture of Java. What is JVM, JDK and JRE? What is byte-code? Why java is platform independent? What are all the types of memory in java? Difference between Array and Array List. Advantages of Array over linked list. What is mutable and immutable string? Code for declare hash table in collections. Can we add duplicate value and keys in hash table? What if we add duplicate keys in hash table? What is mean by genesys in Java? What is abstract class? Difference between abstract class and interface. Real time example for abstract class and interface. Types of inner class in class and code for it.

HR Round -Tell me about yourself. About Nokia. Why Nokia? Cognizant vs Nokia. What is your strength and weakness?

Posted on: Dec 18 2021