Hashedin | Software Engineer | Batch 2021

By Arpit

Online Test -It was an online test consisting of 2 coding questions and one debugging question. 2 questions were of easy level and one was of medium level. 39 students got shortlisted in this round. Questions were mainly based on arrays and strings.

Technical Interview 1 -In this round, they mainly are interested to check our subject knowledge and problem-solving skills. The interview was of 45 minutes duration. The interviewer was very friendly and asked me to introduce myself to him and started the interview. First, he asked me questions on Java, OOPS, OS, DBMS, and CN. Topics asked were Inheritence and its types, Normalisation in DBMS, 4 pillars of OOPS and its real-life examples, DML and DDL command in SQL, and some basics about computer networks. It went for 15 minutes and I answered all the questions. Then he shared the google docs link and gave me some coding questions and they were easy. He asked to open an online compiler and code the problem. Given a string containing alphanumeric characters, calculate the sum of all numbers present in the string. (https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/calculate-sum-of-all-numbers-present-in-a-string/)

Technical+Hr -This round was a bit difficult and he asked me questions on all the technologies I worked on. The interview was of 50 minutes duration. Questions were asked on Machine learning, EDA on a dataset, Linear regression, and logistic regression algorithm implementations. What is the cloud? What are the different IT Streams? What are all the roles of a full-stack developer? Differentiate between frontend and backend engineers. What is DevOps? What is Flutter? Why Flutter? What is middleware technology? What are the servers available in java? What are the latest version of java and its latest features? and what are all the trending technologies I am aware of? Questions were asked on my projects and internship experience. Develop a database schema and models for the Clubhouse application.

Posted on: Dec 18 2021