Amazon | SDE 1 | Batch 2021

By Parth

Online Test -It was conducted on AMCAT and it had 5 sections. A debugging section, coding questions, feedback, aptitude, and personality assessment. One had attempt both the coding questions, all debugging questions, and all aptitude questions correctly in order to get shortlisted.

Technical Interview 1 -The interviewer was a straight-to-the-business man. And started the interview without introduction. He first asked about this question: I gave a brute force solution first, to which he asked TC and SC. He then asked to optimize it. I then explained Moore’s Voting Algorithm. He was satisfied with my approach but didn’t ask me to code it. He then moved on to ask questions on sorting algos. He asked about the best case and worst case TC of quick sort. Then he asked me to code it.

Technical Interview 2 -This time too, the interviewer didn’t waste time and straight away gave me a problem. It was basically a problem of graphs, where each node is a string of a given array. And, we had to use DSU to solve it. I told my approach and coded it efficiently. He was really impressed and gave me another problem immediately. It was I first gave a brute force solution of O(nm). He told me to optimize it, then I gave him a binary search solution of O(nlogn) TC.

Mnagerial+ Technical -The interviewer was an experienced guy with over 15 years spent in amazon. He asked me to introduce myself, and give a brief overview of my projects. He asked me to share my screen and open the project, as I hadn’t deployed it. He asked about the implementation of various features and why had I added them. He just wanted to assess how do I handle new projects. He then moved on to OS questions and started with deadlock. He asked me about various ways to prevent a deadlock, and how does Windows do it. The discussion further went on to scheduling algos.

Posted on: Dec 18 2021