By Aakash

Online Test -The test was taken on SEB (Secure Exam Browser). 50 MCQs of basic aptitude, OS, CN, DSA, pseudocodes, etc. (to be solved in 40 minutes). 2 simple programming questions (to be solved in 40 minutes). Essay writing. (Was asked to write an essay of about 150-200 words for the given topic). (Duration:- 20 minutes). After a few days, a list of shortlisted candidates was announced. I was one of them.

Technical + Hr -The interviewer arrived. We greeted each other. The interview started with our formal introduction. Then he started asking questions. OOPs, concepts like polymorphism, multithreading, etc. Types of Operating Systems. Questions from networking like different devices used in networking, OSI layers, subnet, DNS protocol, etc. He also asked me about Cloud Computing. Fortunately, I was aware of the basics of Cloud Computing. Major cloud service providers. Then he moved on to HR questions.: Tell me something about anything creative which you have done in life. Any location constraints which you have. Any backlogs or standing arrears.

Posted on: Dec 18 2021