By Ashish

Online Test -At first there will be a screening test, it is very easy, it will be of 5 sectionsIt is Web-based camera monitoring test so be Careful Section 1 – Quantitative Aptitude Section 2 – Logical Reasoning section 3 – Verbal English Section 4 – Coding Section 5 – Written Communication If you clear the online screening test then based on your marks you will be shortlisted either to Direct HR or Technical interview

HR Interview -In my interview, the first question asked is “Tell me about your self” after that few questions regarding my final project was asked No technical questions were asked If you get Shortlisted for TECH interview The Examiner will first greet you and ask you “In which programming language you are comfortable are” and then they will ask you question related to specified programming language and then SQL related question will be asked for sure. Please be ready with an IDE for specified language you definitely will be asked to code on spot. The questions will be simple and easy.After that an “Situational Intelligence” question was asked, During the time of your 3rd year project(“Mini Project”) if your team mates have conflict among them self what will you do? After that formal questions were asked like will you join Wipro if offered and will you travel etc.

Posted on: Dec 18 2021