Cognizant | Associate | Batch 2021

By Dev

Online Test -There were 4 sections : Critical Reasoning, Data Interpretation, English Comprehension and Automata (2 Coding Questions) First 3 sections were of average level and last section had 2 coding questions like pattern printing, finding gcd, alternate sort, finding count of numbers which are present in one array but not in the other array.

Technical Interview 1 -There were 5 questions and time was 90 minutes Knapsack 0-1 Knapsack Problem Finding cycle in a linked list Detect loop in a linked list Find an index in an array such that the sum of elements at its left side is equal to the sum of elements at its right side Equilibrium index of an array 2 list of items with their prices were given. Find the no. of items which are present in both lists but with different prices. Constructor and methods had to be written. It was similar to the example in this link with class Shape. Overloading

Technical+Hr -Tell me about yourself. What is the difference between concatenation of strings using ‘+’ and Stringbuffer. Advantages and Disadvantages of both and the instances where one would perform better than the other. Which function is used to make sure that the script executes after whole HTML is loaded. (Javascript was mentioned in CV) Project Discussion If Serial no. has to be Primary Key in a Database, should it be stored in a varchar or number datatype. Some questions were asked about how hashing works and its uses.

Posted on: Dec 17 2021